Ain´t a Good Boy

(T.Kejklíček, 2000)



1. My mummy´s had with me them hard times
I´ve hurt her every time I know
I´ve never really wished to do, oh Lord
those bad things I´ve ever done
I don´t know where and who´s my dad
I haven´t seen him since my eight
my mummy always told me "Be a good boy"
I´ve tried, oh Lord, oh but I ain´t

2. we were poor and mummy worked so hard
I know she tried to do the best
but when I wished to take a little talk with her
she said " Sorry son, please, let me rest"
I guess there father´s hand was needed
it could to save me from my falling down
´cause I had only bad friends and I drank too much
and it pushed me into jail where I´m now

3. if there was someone who´d have shown me
bright and clear what´s right or wrong
I wouldn´t be here in that ole jailhouse now
counting every day and night to be gone
there were no gentle words no kindness
when I remember my young days
I everytime felt useless and lonesome too
I really hate that what others call homeplace