And the Life Is O´er

(T.Kejklíček, 3-2006)


1. Here`s a baby cryin`
just today `t`s been born
in a cradle lyin`
an` the first day`s o`er

2. A little child`s a-toddlin`
`round the kitchen door
"Mummy, mum" a-prattlin`
`n` another day is o`er

3. Fast ahead a-runnin`
all the schol days go
children games an` learnin`
`n` another day is o`er

4. Here`s the first love comin`
stirred is blood `n` soul
cheeks are red, hearts beatin`
`n` another day is o`er

5. Wedding bells were ringin`
they have changed life all
family care an` workin`
`n` another day is o`er

6. Children good-bye sayin`
they`re leavin` home
an` the heart is achin`
`n` another day is o`er

7. Old age, pain an` mournin`
all the friends are gone
bitter tears are fallin`
and soon the last day`s o`er