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The LUSATIAN GRASS is a band that gets inspired by the old-time, gospel, bluegrass and hillbilly music. The main focus is put on SONGWRITING and performing THEIR OWN ORIGINAL STUFF (songs, sacred numbers and instrumental tunes), written and composed by Tomáš Kejklíček and Karolina Stránská. They believe that it is the only way how to create a unique, distinguishable and authentic band sound and that every single band, playing songs, should try hard to do it. But the repertoire naturally includes typical traditional and bluegrass numbers, too.

Although the Lusatian Grass come from the hilly region of the Lusatian Mountains, North Bohemia, Central Europe, they present themselves exclusively in English. A lot of bands coming from the countries with non-English mother tongue languages decide to either perform in their native speech (with their own songs, or false texts attached to original songs) or bluntly copy their American models; they give up trying to produce their own songs in English. The Lusatian Grass think that it is a big mistake. Expressing personal feelings, experiences, emotions, ideas in author songs is the only honorable thing to be presented with to the listeners. And, moreover, bringing them in English is, in this genre, really key-important, essential and substantial for musical reasons.

The Lusatian Grass has been around for more than 20 years now. The current staff features Karolina Stránská – mandolin, vocals, Jonáš Stránský – ukulele, vocals, Tomáš Kejklíček – banjo, guitar, vocals, Miloš Macháček – upright bass, vocals. The band has released 11 CDs and 2 DEMOs.



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