Is That You Who´s Digging on My Grave?

(T.Kejklíček, 4-2005, based on Thomas Hardy-Ah, Are You Digging on my Grave, 1914)



1. Is that you who`s digging on my grave
is that you, dear, who`s planting flowers there
no, yesterday he went to wed
he told himself "I don`t regret
it cannot hurt her heart cause she`s dead"

2. Tell me then who`s digging on my grave
my dearest kin who`re planting flowers there
no, not al all they thik "What use?
what good will planting flowers produce
from Death`s hands her spirit we can`t loose"

3. But someone there is digging on my grave
my enemy who couldn`t stand my face
no, when she heard you`d passed the Gate
she thought you`re no more worth her hate
she doesn` t care you lie in your grave

4. Tell me then who`s digging on my grave
oh tell me please because I haven`t guessed
oh it`s me, my mistress dear
your litle dog who still lives near
I hope I`ve not disturbed your rest down here

5. Oh yes that`s you who`s digging on my grave
my faithful dog it seems my only friend
to your clean and faithful heart
nothing`s equal in humankind
I`m so moved you still keep me on your mind

6. Oh, mistress dear, I dug upon your grave
to bury here a bone in this place
in case I should be hungry near this spot
when passing on my daily trot
I`m sorry, `twas your grave, I`ve quite forgot