My Love for You

(K.Stránská, 10-05-2010)

HEY 2020


1. Each time I find your presence in my soul
It shows me I can love you more and more
Each pain and trouble always fades away
Cos I feel you by my side every single day

Ch: I swear I`ll never forget
The love we`ve shared since we met
I´ll care of all the light
Shining through your face
I swear that all my years
I will keep our memories
I´ll try to keep your heart
On fire every day and
I believe it`ll never fade away

2. We were given a precious diamond from up above
That we`re allowed to feel all the Love
And I won`t care if no-one understands
You`re the only one with a treasure in your hands



And I believe it`ll never fade away