Take Care of Your Soul

(T.Kejklíček, 8-2008)



Ch: Take care (of your soul), take care (of your soul)
´cos your time on the earth´s determined
only God knows your time
since the first minute of your life
your days´re counted out

1. Some people think they may do what they want
and time belongs to them
they´re not aware of the fact that´s bright and clear
there´s nothing here they hold in hands
Watch your steps and keep on walking
only the right way
oh, how happy you´ll be on that day
when Jesus calls your name


2. You never know how long the life could be
which day is your last one
you should be sure you´ve given all your best
there´s nothing more to be done
You must be found with your lamp shining
all the debts been paid
otherwise you shouldn´t have a rest
and you should be afraid