You Changed Everything

(K.Stránska, T.Kejklíček, 2003)


1. When I saw you first time, darling
I didn`t know what would become
you touched whole my mind
I`d never felt it in my heart
I`d ever thought I didn`t need the love
of men I `d ever ever met
and in a short time you changed
everything I`d ever ment

CH: And now I know you are my only love
you will stay in my mind until I die
I felt they can`t be changed
all the things once made by God forever
you feel the same and
it`s a purpose of our lives

2. Now we`re still here one with the other
I folow you, you follow me
we understand it`s destiny of God
the thing that has to be
but if something wrong would happen
and you couldn`t stay by me
I will know one thing forever
who were you, why you were here