Everything Goes On

(V.Langhansová, T.Kejklíček, 8-2001)



1. It´s a dark and a cold, a cold, cold night
and instead of sleepin´ I´m thinkin´ of you
and even one memory just causes the pain
there´s love in my heart and tears on my face

2. When I´m in bed and lay on my pillow
no sleepin´ but you on my mind makes me to weep
I´ve cried whole the night ´till today´s morning dawn
no one can help, oh God, I´m alone

3. Why God caused we met if we can´t be together
still feel my hand in yours but I´ve got to say good-bye
I don´t know what I´d do to ease my worried soul
deep in my heart, oh yet I love you so

4. It´s long long ago I hoped love was gone
but suddenly you stood there and your look burnt me so
I felt my old love, old pains were recalled
I know deep inside that everything goes on