Flames and Fire

(T.Kejklíček, 29-10-2007)



Ch: Snow flakes are slowly falling
cold days and winter´re coming
Nose to toes my body´s freezing
but my heart´s in flames and fire

1. Looking deep into your eyes
I can easily realize
that your heart,´n´ there´s no doubt,
your heart is full of love
two little flames´re giving light
and your face is shiny, bright
I can hear all angels singing
somewhere up above


2. Knowing well the world ain´t fair
no-one really needs to care about
the things we share, if they´re true,
what´s between me and you
then all my love I´m trying to hide it
from the world, not from you, darling
´cos I know, ´nd I am sure
that people can be cruel