Give It a Try

(K.Stránská, 2016)

HEY 2020


1. Standing by the window you’re trying to catch your dreams
Lately they’ve been flying somewhere far away
Life ain’t as used to be, that’s what you feel
You’re trying to get some stronger every brand new day
There’s a sudden feeling you’re really close
To something opening your heart again
And there’s a sudden understanding here’s another chance
You’re shining like a rainbow in the rain

Ch: Give it a try. Don’t go away
Don’t wait or put it off till another day
Give it a try, please, find your way
Take a chance and change your life today
The only chance for you is to fly
To fly and do what you’ve been waiting fo
Just Give it a try/ Give it a try

2. Time is running fast leaving years behind
You can’t recall the things you should have done and said
The life without purpose, no place to hide
You’re getting lost and looking for the way that you once had
And there’s a sudden feeling and you’re back again
 Clearly knowing what to do
With another chance you understand
Sunny days are coming back to you