I´ll Praise You and Thank

(T.Kejklíček, 2-2002)



 1. Darkness around the world full of sin
I see the light I long to be in
sometimes I feel like reaching you,Lord
but other times my steps are proved to be wrong

CH: I am ashamed of all of my fails
hold me, my Lord, let me watch your bright face
tighten me close to your right ways
I`ll praise you and thank till the end of my days

2. once I believed in Jesus, my Lord
he is my Saviour, first-born of God
he came down for me he suffered and died
now I would change the wrong for the right


3. he suffered and died to wash my sins away
he rose up from death `twas on the third day
he went up to sit on the right of the Throne
he`s ruling with God and he`s calling me home