I´m Heaven Bound

(T.Kejklíček, 12-2009)



 1. John, John, oh, John, he said
There`s gonna be the Judgement day
and God alone`s gonna call by name
His children home with Him to stay
I`d like my Lord to say
“Come in, I know your face
you`ve followed me my way
today`s your happy day”

Ch: I wanna be one of the Holy Crowd
I wanna one day take the Golden Crown
don`t wanna stay outside Jerusalem town
(Jerusalem, Hallelujah)
His watch is o`er me,
I`m Heaven bound
I`m Heaven bound

2. Paul, Paul, oh, Paul, he said
No more we must be slaves
that`s why Jesus bravely came
to break our heavy chains
two ways, one you must take
freedom or to be a slave
if you`ve chosen to be free
then today`s your happy day