(T.Kejklíček, 11-07-2011_01-05-2012)



Ch: Jonah, Jonah, in Nineveh he tried
to turn its people from their evil ways
Jonah, Jonah, cried: “Give up your evil ways
you`ve got just forty days”

1. God spoke to Jonah and said: “Go to Nineveh
tell the people their wickedness came up in front of my face”
God meant the words and said: “If they don`t wanna hear
tell them I`ll come down to the city and destroy
all the place

2. Jonah heard the voice of the Lord and he tried to flee
went aboard a ship and there he lay down and fell asleep
A storm was about to break the ship, the sailors cried in fear
and Jonah said: “My Lord wants me”
they took him and they threw
him to the sea


3. A great fish was sent by God and swallowed Jonah
and he spent three days and nights in its belly and he prayed
And God heard his humble voice and got him out onto land
and Jonah headed straight away to the city and the king
he`d been sent

4. And he cried in the city streets and the people got afraid
they turned from their evil ways, repented and they prayed
Jonah crossed complained to God and God himself explained:
“I`m the one who`s made the world and I decide who`s lost
and who is saved