Just a Dream

(V.Novák, T.Kejklíček, 26.7.2000)



CH: I give up myself to my dreams
in which I'm forever with you
and we are dancing one close to the other
I know, no more the dreams will come true

1. once we met in our little town's bar
there was cold and rainy out there
we were drinking and talking and dancing
then you went away I don't know where

2. a few times they played there one sweet song
I felt all its words in my heart
I was so happy that I could be with you
I wished to be never apart


3. your face was shining so bright dear
your smile forever I'll see
but I couldn't say who you were thinking
of somebody else or of me

4. when they played out the last tone of that song
I knew that today would repeat
it would repeat again and again dear
but it always would be just a dream