On the Street

(T.Kejklíček, 3.4.2000)



1. My father often comes home
too late when there's dark
and I often clear out at this time
cause I hate 'em all the quarrels
my mother always cries
when they have a row
and I rather stay out on the street
cause I don't know what to do

CH: I cannot bear those moments
when my parents have a fight
my mind is in confusion
I got headache I'm driven to cry
you know I don't know how to help
cause I'm only ten years old
and now you know why it's too late
and I'm on the street and roam

2. my sister left our home you know
'twas 'bout two months ago
she was the only friend of mine
she couldn't stand the quarrels
she was sixteen and she's gone away
and I've stayed here so alone
the only way to change it all
is to run away from home