Sometimes I Feel So Lonely

(K.Stránská,T.Kejklíček, 11-2005)



1. Sometimes I feel so lonely
when I can`t be with you
the days are grey and go so slowly
it makes me feel so blue
how can you leave me here so alone
is your heart made of stone?
I`d like to know why that hurts me so
why I feel so sad and alone

2. And then I feel so happy
when you`re looking into my eyes
I love those moments you hold me
the words you tell me sound so nice
like two birds we fly so high
I believe you`re only mine
why are the whiles so short?
I know that you`ve gotta go

3. Then we try to find each other
in our sweet memories
it seems that life can`t be harder
that we can do nothing just believe
that our love is true
you always say "Keep hoping, don`t be blue
cause I`m sure that you will be mine
I`ll be yours till the end of time"