The Graveyard on the Hill

(K.Stránska, T.Kejklíček, 6-2005)



1. There`s a place on the hill
with the graveyard in the shade
with the walls of the silent church
spreading trees close by the gate
they remember all the stories
that`ve passed through this place
you can listen to their whispering
they`ll tell you about people`s fates

Ch: Mystery of the past times
holds me back here for the rest of my life
if I ever left this place
I would die because of pain

2. Lots of names and dates on the tombstones
lost in the meadow in the grass
many souls rest there in silent peace
keeping mystery of this place
often met here two sweethearts long ago
their secret love still remains
I can feel it deep in my heart and soul
though it`s a matter of long passed days