The Place Where I Belong

(T.Kejklíček, 9-2005)



1. I think I`d be a loser if I could not see
all the hills and mountains of my homeland sweet
I think I`d lose my soul if I could not be
in the place that`s only home to me

Ch: I`d never be alone far away from home
never I would go and I never roam
there`s no other place that I could call my sweet home
here`s the only place where I belong

2. When I die then let my ashes fly with the wind
scattering them all over my sweet hills
over my mountains, meadows, woods and streams
where my soul can rest at home in peace


3. Many people say "No matter where you live"
such a foolish thing I never can believe
every tree has got its place as you can see
without roots no longer can be green