The World of Our Own

(Joachim Gehmlich-lyrics, 01-1976; T.Kejklíček-music 07-2014)

HEY 2020


1. Every Monday morning you and I must part
And all the days we can’t be together are hard
And all of them love letters written every day
Bring us more together when we’re far away

2. Sometimes there was sorrow, sometimes there we´ tears
While we´ve been together in all the lovely years
But a gentle smile an´ a tender word and a little song
Made our love so true and sweet it made our love so strong

Ch: Then on Saturday our dreams come true
There’s only happiness for me and you
And all the loneliness of the week is gone
And happily we live in the world of our own

3. Sometimes there is sunshine, sometimes there is rain
Happiness just doesn’t come without a little pain
Some don’t understand that´s our way of life
But I am sure that I’m your man and sure that you’re my wife

4. And I know that’s the way that´ll always stay
No matter what the people think no matter what they say
We will sing this song to make them clearly see
That I truly love you and truly you love me