This Ole Mountain Road

(T.Kejklíček, 2000)



CH: This ole mountain road
among the trees up in the hills
I`d like to know all the things remembered
by this ole mountain road

1. for a long time I haven`t been wandering
through the woods I knew so well
now I`ve just returned to see all places
of my childhood days
when I was roaming in the hills
I found a mountain road
an ole mountain road
I didn`t know about before


2. I walked down the road and thought about
the people here used to go
about their lifes, about their fates
many years ago
I can hear their words and see their faces
trembling in the air
I can feel those stories
just left here everywhere


3. I know times are changing there`s no doubt
and ages`re passing by
and the road is hidden in the bush
for a long time without use
and lots of people in the past
were going down, it`s clear
and everyone left something
that`s forever lasting here