Voices of the Springtime

(K.Stránska, T.Kejklíček, 11-2003)



1. When the springtime comes I hear the sound
that makes go so deep
in the woods where leaves there whisper songs
so sweet, it makes me free

CH: I don`t know why
the sound always captures me
and then I have to go up to the trees
and listen to old messages

2. When the summer`s gone and winter`s here
wait for voices inside of me
only grey land here, the cold wind blows
oh, why does it have to be

CH: I don`t know why
the sound this time ain`t here
but if I heard the sweetest tones I`d be
listening to old messages

3. When the voice of the springtime comes again
I know winter soon is gone
my land will turn to green, I love it
a new life is to grow

CH: I`d like to hear
the sweet sound calling me
I dream about my journey to the trees
to listen to old messages