Hallelujah, Shout and Pray

(T.Kejklíček, 7-2000)



1. See the raindrops, they are teardrops of our God today
his Son was suffering on that cross He washed our sins away
but God is crying, watching all the sins here down below
he loves us so He sent his Son to save our troubled souls

CH: be ready brother, ready sister, our Lord will come again
it will be soon on the judgment day, hallelujah shout and pray

2. come together to shout His praises sing and pray to Lord
on one day we know He`ll welcome all of us at the Throne
we will shout and praise His glory with the angel band
then we can stay in Lord`s bright presence in His glory land


3. trust in Jesus, he`s the Saviour He is Lord of Lords
on the other shore in Heaven He prepares our homes
our God is rightess, full of grace and he is full of love
he wants to welcome all of us in Heaven up above