Oh, I Fool

(T.Kejklíček, 9-10-2006)



1. I must say you`ve always been
my sweet, sweet darling
and I know all your love`s
been so true
and all the time you`ve always been
the best of friends, you`ve understood me
now there`s another man
by your side here with you

Ch: Oh I fool I`ve neve told you how I love you
and now it`s late and there`s nothing I can do
I can feel how I want you here with me
I can feel how I miss your company

2. Oh I`ve got to take it granted
that time, time`s rolling
changing things, leaving nothing
but the blues
oh I know you`ve got your life
and your pathway you`re going
but I`m sure that in my heart
I will keep my love to you