Dreams, Dreams, Dreams

(K.Stránská, T.Kejklíček, 2-2002)



1. When I was young I used to dream about
a man's true love I believed it could be found
´twas written in my books I used to read them many times
that´s the love, I said myself, I wanna live in my life

CH: the only splendid love so gentle, kind and sweet
and flying high above the clouds, oh, what a dream
dreams, dreams, dreams, ain´t believe them any more
oh, boy, don´t knock on mine, knock upon another door

2. once I lived o´er the romance of love
I was like a fool, took no good advice
my dear went away ´n´ left pain in my heart
my mum said to me, it ain´t no end of life


3. then many love affairs have passed through my live
but I´m single and live alone I´m no man´s wife
oh, men, you can call and knock upon my door
but ye can´t change my mind, I ain´t believe in your love any more